Below is a listing of research-based How-To Videos and Food Preservation Publications from the University of Kentucky.

Please feel free to contact Jessica Hunley, Madison County Cooperative Extension Agent for Family & Consumer Sciences, at, or call our office, 859-623-4072.

Food Preservation How-To Videos

Boiling Water Baths and Pressure Canners

Knife Skills

Canning Salsa

Using Your Pressure Canner Safely

Food Preservation Publications

Home Canning Basics

Home Canning Soups, Stocks and Stews

Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

Canning Salsa

Canning Fruit

Canning Vegetables

Canning Meat, Poultry, Wild Game and Fish

Canning Pickled and Fermented Foods

Canning Jam and Jellies and Other Soft Spreads

Home Freezing Basics

Freezing Vegetables

Freezing Fresh Fruits

Drying Foods at Home

Recommended Food Storage: Cold & Dry