Madison County Extension offers educational opportunities to producers on crops, diseases, pest management, farm and business management, risk management, erosion control, livestock management and water quality. Programs are offered throughout the year. For more agriculture information, please call our office, 859-623-4072.

Brandon Sears, Ag Agent

Brandon Sears
Madison County Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent

859-623-4072 or

Special Edition Mid-Feb Ag Newsletter

*** Addressing current issues - excessive rain, mud, feeding hay, shortage of hay, etc.

Current Ag Newsletter "Plowing Ahead"

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C.A.I.P. Cost Share Information

Visit the Madison County Conservation District located at 1024 Ival James Blvd, Suite A1, in Richmond, Kentucky, for more information, or call 859-624-1981, Ext.3.

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When will my cow calve?

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Madison County Shared-Use In-Line Hay Wrapper in Action

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